8. Automatic machine for ready-made paper bags

8. Automatic machine for ready-made paper bags and bags for hamburgers with print in two colours

- With or without the reel for paper bags packing

Technical characteristics
- Electric motor power 1.1kw and 0.5 kw
- Speed 800 rev/min
- Electronic speed control
- Electronics records the set piece, finished number of bags per shift, number of bags cumulative, etc.
- Mechanical and electronic control of the length of bags
- Raising jumbo rolls through the mechanism with electric motor
- Mechanical brake control of jumbo rolls
- Axial movement of jumbo rolls
- Four tools(skis) come with the machine
- Standard sprockets which allow four different lengths of bags, which in combination with four different widths of bags give you the option of 16 different types of bags is supplied with the machine
The machine's size
Length: 4500mm
Width; 1000mm
The machine′s weight:1850kg

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